(English) Themes

  • MapVision shows maps with different backgrounds from all over the world which are visible on the internet or are for sale at (local) stores or the web.

Also a lot of information will be presented which has been posted by many different sources, from global newspapers up to distinguished geo-companies.




MapVision will be an "e-referencebook" for all users with any geo background, link or interest.


The following themes will be shown in all kinds of maps, related backgroundarticles or authorities, posted on Internet, from all over the globe:

  • world, regional, country, local, city, touristmaps,
  • map art, map drawing, mappictures, mapstamps, products with maps,
  • cartography, topography, hydrography, oceanography, coastal oceanography, bathymetry,
  • geography, geology, statigraphy, geodesy, cadastre, survey, geospatial,
  • (areal) photography, remote sensing, satellite, lidar, laserscanning,
  • map and atlaspublishers, mapmakers, reliefmapmakers, globemakers,
  • ancient, archeological, historical, warmaps, religionmaps, sociallifemaps,
  • international online webshops and bookstores,
  • libraries, universities, institutes, collections, museums, exhibitions, events, fairs, congresses,
  • statistical mapvisualisation: news, economics, political, tourism, military,
  • interactive maps, routeplanners, time zone's, transportmaps,
  • sportsmaps, panoramic maps,
  • riskmaps, disastermaps, meteorologymaps, weather, air & waterquality,
  • geo-education, instruments, e-devices, mapprojections,
  • gps, GIS, geospationalbusinesses, businessrelated maps,
  • arcticmaps, icemaps, snowmaps, environmentmaps.

All themes will be directed to the dedicated websites which have the best quality of information, and will be accompanied with a short (international) text.

Themes will automatically expand in time, because of renewed/revised insights, changes in the world's social, scientific, political fields, and also upon request.

In the near future, a jobsection may be integrated.

ASK me which map YOU need !