Services Mapvision

Services Mapvision

What can Mapvision do for you ?

Mapvision is a unique geo-knowledge company that connects the various disciplines within the professional, educational and creative international geo-fields.

Examples of these disciplines are, international mapdevelopments, thematic and interactive maps, atlases, globes, map education, geo-events, and geo-trends.


Mapvision offers the geo-knowledge in structured form by lecturing, speeching, lessons and custommade (map) advice. The Mapvision website is used being a geo e-reference-library.

Mapvision provides specific international geographic information at your company, organization or training. This a single command or a subscription to a chosen frequency.

Mapvision works internationally so geo-information, will almost be presented in the original language. Where possible, an English version will be shown.


Mapvision works on an hourly basis. Depending on the size and background of your company or organization, rates will vary.

Rates for separate subscription(s) depend on the frequency, and background of your company or organization. Different rates on a quarterly or annual basis.

For questions and other more extensive options, please use the contact form (view contact tab). You will be contacted as soon as possible.


Mapvision Ask ME which map YOU need !



biggest atlas01    Special map at the entrance of Disney Park, Hong Kong    Mercator Digitaal 1512-2012    How to Lie with Maps    IMAG2720 blindenglobe en atlassen    2013-12-18 11_08_02-earth wind map Antarctica ri za za    RS22jan2015nr2

Video: Presentation (in Dutch) about using Google Maps.