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The Mercator Museum, St. Niklaas,  Belgium.

Highlights of the collection.

The Mercator Museum is open to the general public in a completely new setup. The digital presentations from the successful Mercator exhibition of the Mercator Digital Year 2012 were integrated. The Treasury and the old cartography were dressed with a partially new card choice. Three of the exhibits, including the impressive Earth Globe in 1541 and Sky Globe from 1551 were recognized by the Flemish government in the year 2012 as Mercator masterpiece. From November 13th 2014 the new Cartographic collection will be shown.

Arts and maps.

In the Renaissance and particularly in the work of Gerard Mercator art and science went hand in hand. The link between art and cartography is undeniable since the first hand-drawn maps. In the new Mercator Museum will be the clear link made with the interaction between art and maps. This is done by means of the glass project that the first “Artist in Residence” for the Mercator Museum, Inge Panneels, has retranslated the work of Mercator.