The story behind MapVision starts in 2011.


Maps, maps and maps. Every individual, publisher, developer, geographer, gis-technician or user, is able to post anything about maps anywhere on the internet. It seems to be a postal chaos, not to mention the quality of these postings!


Only a few people decided to categorize all geographic themes which are involved in this subject, and display them for a global interested audience. In spite of these exercises, only the same small number of people is able to “manage” these few localized heaps of information.


Being a collector of maps and atlases I realized the great lack of categorized and combined information on the internet. Most information is posted on the internet in an enormous wide range of websites without any cohesion.


I am aware, Geography is not widespreaded , but for educational reasons, this site will be a great help to them who are teaching, tutoring or learning. 

Consider this website as an “e-reference book”,  in a visualized format for  students, scientists, engaged professionals, interested audiences and all other knowledgeseekers.


MapVision started to develop a global website with information for a wide audience, easy accessible, interactive and with a maximized visualisation. The “mapthemes” page shows the future content. Don’t hesitate to ask, inform, advise, link or share !


ASK me which map YOU need !

Peter A. Weenink

There are today 842 sources, 517 nodes with 962 relations.